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Kato N gauge on/off switches not working

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Hi all. I am just starting to use the N gauge Kato DC system, with the point levers and on/off section switches that plug in series on the side of the controller. 


I'm finding that all 4 of my on/off switches are not routing power to the track, even if I place them singly directly onto the terminals side of the controller. They were working before. The point motors are receiving power just fine and working when connected. And it's not the track sections, becuase when I plug directly from the controller to the same piece of track with the same connecting power feeds, the track works.


I'm lost. The supply coming out of the right hand side of the controller must work if its feeding the point motors okay. Equally the controller is working and the power feeder wires are not at fault. It's only when I add these power switches that they don't work. Am I missing something really obvious with these babies?


Many thanks


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