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Life in the loft


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Hello all, been a non post member for some time and decided it was time to introduce myself to the forum. Come by railway modelling by accident, picked up a book by Dave Lowery titled `Build a Model railway layout` got hooked and when we bought our present home, which has a very large attic. Bingo. Started as soon as but with little thought and soon realised that a bit of planning was needed. Decided on a L girder method of construction mainly because Cornwall is not flat and wanted to have different levels with bridges, tunnels etc ,etc. The branch line terminus is based on Helston which is where I live and the Main Line station area is completely  made up but wanted an area for goods and Engine shed working. The layout is OO and the rail used is Peco 75, all turnouts are Electrofrog and will be operated by the old fashion method of switches. Loco running will by DCC but have yet to decide on the manufacturer. So far the progress has had its ups and downs but have managed to get all the track down apart from the roads leading to the turn table and the branch line terminus area is fully wired up.Not sure on how to post pictures on the forum but if you want to see my progress then go to galleries and hopefully you should be able see some photo`s

Regards Mike

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