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Nostalgic Notes from 1961!

chertsey chopper

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Not sure where to post this thread (Andy Y)but whilst looking for something to complete a wagon chassis I found some old History of Model and Miniature Railways Magazines. They were in parts 1 to 45 and I have all of them bar 17 and 18. Ain't that just typical? I've left a thread on that separately but returning to this thread...


I also found a Hardback edition of Marshall's Book of Railways dated 1961 and in pretty good nick.


At the back of the book there is an article written by Leslie B Howard about Tunnels and where in the world etc., It mentions the longest tunnel in the world was actually the 17 and a third miles of Northern Line tube from East Finchley to Morden via Bank. Then the Simplon Tunnel of 12 and a quarter miles and finishes with this statement..."There is one remote possibility left for a major tunnel and if one day it is built it will make even the Simplon appear short. Work started on it many years ago and was then abandoned. But one day, maybe, the Channel Tunnel will be a reality."


What do you think of that Mr Cholmondley-Warner?



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