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Copenhagen Fields, Caledonian Road & York Road


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The Piccadilly Line, Caledonian Road tube station, has been a feature of Copenhagen Fields from the beginning of the project. The layout has now reached its full length, including the top of Gasworks Tunnel and York Road (see latest MRJ #279). There is, of course, a Leslie Green tube station in that area.  

We have started making York Road station (details in the CF topic in the 2mm scale section of RMWeb). 


We are modelling the underground section as well, with plans to join up the two stations, with crossover working to the north of YR station.  This image shows the extent of the new project, stations are yellow, visible tracks red: the line through Caledonian Road will be rebuilt without the suicide pit and re-aligned for a through service. 

There has been a huge amount of research undertaken on the YR station, but we always welcome any info on the area. We are modelling it as it was in the 20s-30s (before closure). 



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After a bit of a lull, with the station building having been completed a couple of years ago, work has resumed on the deep underground section of the model. 
The station uses laser cut ribs for the carcass.

The curvature of the platforms complicates construction. 


The tile patterns are from

’Tiles of the Unexpected, Underground’ by Douglas Rose.

The lift and stair lobbies have been modelled.

The shaft infrastructure has also been made. 
More construction details are in the 2mm scale section. It has a long way to go yet…




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I had a really fun time at Ally Pally with the YR diorama last weekend. It was great to have visitors being able to get really close to the model to actually see it! The interest in underground modelling is clearly developing and I spent some considerable time showing individuals historical images and also construction images using the iPad. These have now been ordered into logical albums, which will also simplify giving talks. 




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