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Carl ARENDT Mine Company


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I just finished my previous layout Lucky Luke.  I want to continue with another project at on 30 scale called Carl ARENDT Mine Company. 10 years ago I started a layout at on30 scale but I never finished it. So I will do it differently this time.

It's called Carl ARENDT, because Carl ARENDT was a remarkable man that I appreciated a lot. The second reason is that I add a specific constraint typical of  Carl ARENDT’s spirit. My layout will have only 10 cm deep (4 inches). The reason of this constraint was inspired me by a discussion with my friends Erwan Josset and François Fontana (editor-in-chief of a narrow gauge magazine) that proposes as a challenge to create a layout of 10 cm deep. I doodle a lot of and I find one solution by creating a cross-section of a mining network. There are also two advantages of this size: a quick realization and also it could easily store in my flat during the building.

I chose to do this at on30 for the atmosphere because if I do it at hoe scale it will be too small. It will be an US mine.


50637646028_14e6d767da_b.jpg1 by franck combe, sur Flickr




This is the blue print (overall dimension 120 cm by  60 cm by 10 cm  (130 inches  by  24 inches by 4 inches) 


50637646023_35b4fc6282_b.jpg2 by franck combe, sur Flickr


And please find 2 photos that will inspire the layout. These photos doesn’t belonging to me but I'm not able to find the owner, so if you are the owner of these photos please contact me.



50637646068_a963390c41_c.jpg3 by franck combe, sur Flickr



50638478042_4dde27dc44_c.jpg4 by franck combe, sur Flickr

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