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Freelance 0-4-0 Shunter O16.5

Luke Piewalker

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My Father bought a 3D printed body off eBay, then sent it and a donor Hornby Saddle tank to me. Stripped the body work off the chassis, removed the piston rods. As the body is Polystyrene used poly cement and stuck it together as best as I could figure without instructions. Paints are Revell acrylics I grabbed out the box after priming with Revell acrylic primer. Then dug through my decal stash to find suitable letters and numbers. Finish is very rough as I didn't do any filling and sanding of the 3D print. I have about 60g of wheel balancing weights under the bonnet and on the rear of the chassis (I painted those black so they don't stand out in the cab.


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