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O-14 track work


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Hello everyone,


Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. 
 Right now I’m mainly in armchair mode mainly due to some major reconstruction of my home that has left all my railway stuff stashed in a storage unit. 

I’m still mulling over O-14 and the small layout that I posted earlier this year.  Anyhow me mind got thinking the different between O-14 vs On2. 2 foot in British O is 14 mm( obviously) while American  2 ft is 12.8 mm.  Precision Scale does list On2 flex track. #4983. A box of 4 3 foot pieces is $46.00 according to latest catalog. 

anyhow has anyone used this flex track. Any thought or input appreciated.

anyhow, just letting my mind wander, 


Happy holidays to everyone


West Chicago ILL. USA


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