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Union Mills unofficial appreciation website, and group on Facebook

Mark Ellis

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Really not sure where to post this first bit.
I'm after photos of Union Mills Dean Goods models 2392 and 2414.

I setup the Facebook group Union Mills N Gauge Appreciation Group



I created an unnamed website for signposting, but with Facebook being what it is - the website is better for displaying Colin's Loco sheets and history articles.



Colin has provided me with lists of all the loco numbers that he's used. But I just need to know what text was on the tenders of Colin's 2392 and 2414. Do you have either loco?



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10 minutes ago, KeithMacdonald said:

I'd like to look, but sorry I do not have a Facebook account. It's nothing personal, I'm just one of those old codgers who doesn't like being the product that Facebook sells.


Facebook is what you let it be. It's up to the visitor if they browse or just visit their groups and read their notifications.
But it's also why I built the website. If there was a decent alternative to Facebook - like it was before advertising - then I would happily jump ship
Do take a look at the website

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