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Canadian Ho scale layout build

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I don't have much space in my house and having 2 kids under the age of 3 doesn't give me much time to do train stuff.  However I decided recently to begin constructing an 8'x2' layout in the garage.  It sits on trestles I got from homebase; a bit flimsy (and low) but does the job ok.  Took a week off work and even among the kids being ill and keeping us up, managed to lay most of the track bar one part of the fiddle yard.  The fiddle yard as you can see is at the back, in order to save space.  I might slice off a bit of the backs of the boards as it's probably a bit deep now that I've laid the track.


The idea is that when I need the garage for doing work in I can take the boards off the trestles and lean them against the wall.


The setting is supposed to be in part of the huge industrial park in Edmonton AB.


Edmonton Industrial CN mkiii.jpg

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