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Problems with Ionos' Webspace Explorer

Miss Prism

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My ISP is Ionos (previously 1&1).


For the last week or so, I have been getting a strange message shown in orange on the attached screenshot of their Webspace Explorer. It indicates there is a new restriction on the number of items shown in a directory listing (what they call 'the file' - btw, is there a techie term for the listing of what is in a directory?). This limit seems to be 300 items. (Not enough for gwr.org.uk and I guess thousands of other websites.) The Ionos 'Help Center' hasn't got a clue about this notice.


I have been in contact with Ionos support, but their initial response failed to understand my elementary question, and I'm now trying to find out why a new limit is being imposed (assuming that is what is going on here). According to Ionos, their Explorer will either break the page or won't even load, neither of which symptoms correspond to what is actually happening. Apparently, an update is to be deployed, but I am stumped on why any Explorer function would purposely restrict the number of items to be displayed. I have yet to discover anyone in Ionos who can understand this point. Perhaps they live on a different planet.


Has anyone else experienced this notice?


(And yes, I do of course have an ftp program, but that is not the issue here.)



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