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T4U Military - Mastiff MRAP


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Up to now, our range of vehicles has been growing to complement our OO Cavalex Warflat wagons,
However, we have now commissioned a couple of exclusive Warwells from Hatton's. due to arrive early in 2024.


The first vehicle we have commissioned is the Mastiff MRAP, in as-delivered condition.


available in two versions.   Combat (in driveable condition) and Transport (With a realigned centre axle to represent a vehicle loaded on a Warwell)



As you can see, this is a substantial vehicle and fills a warwell (Image below shows a combat version, the transport version has a realigned middle axle so the tyres are on the deck)



Prototype images are copyright of Brian Daniels.






The kits are supplied unpainted and require a little preparation and assembly.

They are available now, priced at £25 each




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