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NBR wagon sheets


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I think I know what a Caledonian wagon sheet looks like but I've not knowingly seen a picture (photo or drawing) of a North British sheet, until today. @41516 identified the sheeted wagon in this photo as a NBR diagram 1, while @WFPettigrew spotted that the odd shape on the sheet looks to be the familiar NBR quatrefoil, whilst on the end the letters B C can just be made out - [North] British Company:




[Crop from L&NWR Society photo RSC10093, Roger Carpenter Collection, posted on the L&NWR Society Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=6716873648369922&set=gm.1253893281965257&idorvanity=109619289726001.]


Does this match what is known about NBR sheets?

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Looks like you need access to an article in the NBR study group journal, as below, result from the search engine on their journal web page.



TORTORELLA ArnoldWagon Sheets for the NBR8428

that’s issue 84, p28



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