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My first modifications in US HO - Airfix Jupiter.

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Just a bit of fun but here is a picture of my Airfix/Bachmann Jupiter bought in Salisbury for £5.99 in the early 80s - I think. It also became the first model I ever attempted to improve by giving it a much more workmanlike overall black paint and replacing the molded logs with chopped matchsticks and bunker extensions.  I lost interest in the engine after that. I think it still runs with a push but today was its first time out the box for a couple of decades.


Please be gentle, I was around 15 at the time and I promise my more recent efforts have been much better. It did help me understand that OO was just wrong and started me on my journey into HO which remains my scale of choice with a collection now of predominantly Spanish models with a secondary interest in Montana Rail Link and British HO.



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