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Hornby black five unknown sound file


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Can anyone help me I've just picked up a very nice Hornby black Five at a train fair at the weekend and it's fitted with an ESU Loksound decoder. 


I think it is a Loksound 4


but I don't know whose sound files it has and don't have the instructions with the function list is there a way to find out?


The little label on the decoder just says black 5 V1 






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I've had another look online tonight and managed to work it out by the process of elimination it's a DC kits sound file


It's a superb sound file. the only thing I need to do now is adjust the breaking on F5 the active break application CV 179 needs more breaking on the loco.






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On 24/12/2023 at 00:18, wiggy1 said:

Chances are that its my sound file.

Can you read CV106?

Send me a PM.


On my lokprogramer CV106 reads 0


on my Hornby elite CV106 reads 255

i haven’t tried my NCE power cab yet 


I’m sure it’s a The DC kits sound as it matches their function sheet 





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Its not my sound file.

Having said that, to alter CV179 to give greater stopping distance lower the value.

I set my default to CV179=50

Be interested in what the default is on yours?


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