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7mm Tube and Surface Stock

Arun Sharma

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CAD design work on the 7mm Q27 DM and Q31/35 Trailer suface stocks is now complete with the masters being printed over the next month or so - to be followed by resin casting. These follow on from the G Stock [and Q23] DM designed by myself and marketed by Phil Radley some years ago.


Currently being printed are 7mm 1938 DM TS body shells and those should go off to be cast in resin in a week or so. Some complex etching and LW casting of their assymetric bogie components coupled with their tiny LOWMAC-sized wheels means that motorising them involves some interior detail compromises. 


7mm Q38/CP, CO and R38 stocks [even R49] are possible DM/NDM designs for the future.

On the tube side, a 7mm 1927 Standard Stock CT to go with my previous 1925 CL DM and 1931 Trailer would allow 3-car trains on the Northern City, Piccadilly and IoW trains to be modelled so is a likely sooner, rather than later, design.


Precisely how these underground cars will be marketed post-Radley Models remains to be confirmed.

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Hello Arun,


Would the Q23's come back with the other cars as part of this, or are they gone? Once upon a time I fancied a Q stock set, but didn't want a solid train of Q23's, so I never acted on it. Now that the other cars are in the pipeline it's much more appealing.




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The moulds for the Q23 are stiil extant so eventual Q23DM-Q31T-Q35T-Q27DM combinations will be available. The previous G stock single car now has the proper Q23 trailing end.

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As it happens the cab/body/seat/underframe masters for the 7mm 1938Tube Stock will be off to the resin casters next Monday. The bogies are a little bit more complex as they were assymetric [about their centreline] and with very small wheel sizes, that means they are not going to be straightforward to motorise. In practice therefore, the axles will be 1/8inch ones and I will be using 4mm motor & gearbox combinations to power the sets. That gives me much more flexibility and reduces any motor intrusion into the passenger saloon.


image.png.215aea7ccaaeb32bce5e951e29bbd19f.pngThis is a TV 12-27 motor with a Markits 1:38 gearbox. The tiny gear wheel associated with this gearbox means that there is no real liklihood of unwanted interactions with a third or fourth rail. It also allows the unpowered axle to have a sprocket with Delrin chain added for additional oomph. The wheelset is Slaters 7833A which has 1/8th inch axles.


Regarding the 7mm Q35 - That will be off to the resin casters within the next ten days. The 7mm 1938 stock is there already.

Regarding, the 7mm Q23 - Although it exists, it is an old kit and I am tempted to redesign elements of it [such as a separate roof and etched bogies] to make it rather more user friendly.

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