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Class 31 chassis


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1 hour ago, rogerdee said:

Hi can anyone tell me if the class 31 with a 6pin decoder is the same chassis as the version with the next18 decoder

Thx Roger 

I have one of each, I’ll check but would think it’s going to be different to make space for the speaker…..however………the older class 47 bodies are a perfect fit for the new sound fitted chassis and v/v so there’s a good chance the c31 bodies will fit either chassis.

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I have just tried swapping bodies between the 6-pin and Next 18 versions this morning.


The PCB is in a lower position on the Next18 chassis, to accommodate the speaker. 


I think the older body should fit on the Next18 chassis without issues, although mine had an etched grill fitted by the previous owner and the inner profile of that prevented it from fitting properly.


The new body will not fit on the older chassis without modification. See where I have placed the end of the cocktail stick below. The part of the new body that fits into that recess will not clear the same area on the older chassis.





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  • 2 months later...

A slight update to the above. It appears that what I thought was a grill modification on my older models was actually standard on those, therefore the older body does not appear to be compatible with the Next18 chassis without modification either.

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