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GWR Class 48xx (Hornby -2008) fitted with Sound


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Having spent a lot of time and invested patience trying to find a "decent" 48xx I finally settled on the 2008 Hornby release (R2778) which lacked many of the problems of its predecessors and following releases.


It still needed attention in some key problem areas, viz. the traction tyres and wheel pickups. My efforts resolving these were reported here:



I needed some substantial Stay Alive support on my former layout so that little room beyond a basic DCC (Zen Nano) was left anywhere at all. Even the Zen was a force to get between Motor and bodywork so that ended up in the bunker. It wasn't a pretty picture!





Advance six years and both sound DCC and Stay Alive technology has advanced to the point I could now consider SOUND!  My current layout is electrofrog and good flat track so the SA support was reduced.


This shows 4869 with the smallest of the latest Generation ZIMO chips MS 500 and 950uF of Stay alive. The processor sits easily (only 3mm thick) over the motor, leaving plenty of room for a speaker in the rear.




Not the final install as I've still firebox glow to set up. Just my first try to see how it ran. - Answer - delightfully.


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