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Chip getting hot


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I have a Dapol class 59 with a smoke unit and legomann biffo chip. When fitting the chip and programming it it got hot but then put it on the decoder tester and seemed fine so not sure what has happened or if it’s not compatible with the smoke unit


cheers Craig 

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My Class 59 file for the Dapol model was developed and tested in a Dapol model with smoke and worked fine. From memory we’ve sold quite a few, with no reported problems. The smoke is very, very basic, using a driver circuit on the PCB and no auxiliary outputs from the sound chip. It simply senses the motor voltage and produces uncontrolled smoke for the first few seconds when the motor is first energised. That’s it! So you get smoke when you pull away but none at any other time regardless of how hard you drive. The only way to get more is to stop the loco and move off again.


Your chip is probably fine but please get in touch if you have any further problem.



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