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Kentrol Feedback Controller

Kev T

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We use 4 Kentrol Feedback KNH-0 controllers to run our club layout and one of them has gone to that great scrapyard in the sky.

Has anyone any info on what became of Kentrol and if they're still available somewhere.

Failing that has anyone got one sitting in a box that they don't need and are willing to part with it.





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Yes, after Julians death none of the relatives had the knowledge or the desire to take over and continue AFAIK, and the business stopped then and there. There is a guy in Ontario who advertises on Ebay, called Ken Stapleton, who supplies a Varipulse 851 contoller - I have one and am extremely pleased with it - he had a website which appears to be defunct although the instructions for it are here http://www.classixaudio.com/docs/851_06.DOC his email is kstapleton3 at sympatico dot ca

Hope that helps


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