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The DC Electrics


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Some excellent photographs including many of non-SR DC subjects of yesteryear (Euston-Watford, Merseyside, Bury, Woodhead - inevitably, Tyneside etc) although the SR is well represented too. My favourite photograph is brand new E5006 at Shortlands in 1959 on a driver training run under a menacing sky. Superb.



The text in my opinion is rather poorly written but I accept that may just be me being an old fuddy duddy. What really lets this book down is the large number of factual mistakes for which there is absolutely no excuse. A typical example can be found in the description of Class 319.


"... all power and control equipment is housed in the MSO, while the power collection pantograph is housed on the adjacent TSO."


Which of course is garbage, the pan is on the MSO.


So to sum up - nice pics shame about the words.

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