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Carlisle to Hawick


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I suspect they will, they're knocking them out at a rate of knots now. In my view they are a good starting point for the lines they cover. I have two quibbles really, firstly that they do not represent the value for money they used to. For that reason I now only buy new the ones that really interest me (most recently the Hertford Loop and Lines to Hertford and Hatfield).

My second concern is the balance of the content between volumes. As an example the Potters Bar to Cambridge one leaves out far too much and really should have been done in two volumes, whilst the Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace line does not in my view deserve a book to itself.

What I will say is that they are well made and bound whereas the comparable Oakwood Press books fall apart.



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I've just spotted an advert from Middleton Press advertising a new book covering the the Waverley Route between Carlisle and Hawick.


No idea what its like, but I thought it might be of interest to Waverley Route fans. I wonder if they'll do a companion volume for the northern half?



The second volume covering Hawick to Edinburgh will be produced next year as will another book on the Border Counties line.

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