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I've just collected my copy of this new book. Wow !


This has to be the definitive work on this numerous, but largely unsung, class of heavy freight locomotives, which graced our lines during and after World War 2, until the late 1960s. The book is, in A4 portrait format, with 304 pages and no less than 328 pictures. The pictures are all mono (black & white), I think (!); because of the condition that they usually ran in they looked the same whether the film was colour or mono ! There are some useful comparative detail shots (twelve to a page), the rest are mainly half-page pictures with some particularly fine full-page photographs.


This new volume is set out in twelve chapters covering: Works Visits, Boilers, Allocations by Locomotives and Allocations by Sheds, Tenders, Liveries (no, not always black or grime !), Detail Differences (yes, there were some !), Mileages, Passenger Turns, Accidents, a BR Chronology and Storage, Scrap and The End.






by John Hooper


ISBN: 978-1-907094-59-0

Published by Book Law Publication


Tel: 0115 961 1066


382 Carlton Hill




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Can I heartily concur

Picked up my copy in Wigan on Sunday

This is an excellent book for the modeller/historian etc.

The amount of information is amazing and the photographs are of a good quality as well.


:drink_mini: :good_mini: B)

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How does it compare to "The Book of the WD 2-8-0s and 2-10-0s" please?

Not seen the new book yet but I think the description given by the OP should tell you enough. I found this to be just about the worst of 'The Book' series. Not by any means bad but not up to the standard set by some of the other volumes. Do I detect a hint in the title regarding a second volume?


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How does it compare to "The Book of the WD 2-8-0s and 2-10-0s" please?

Not wishing to appear to be dodging the issue, but how it compares with previous works is subjective and really a matter for the individual. Having said that, the new Book Law volume covers the 2-8-0s only and not the 2-10-0s, but it does have more pages, probably more photographs and I believe contains far more information.



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Had a quick scan through the club library copy. Very impressive!

Huge amount of information and pictures.

The book uses what seems to me a fairly small typeface,nonetheless well laid out, but there is a vast amount of information to include, this was a class of 733 locos just taking the BR ones.

All the pictures seem to have quite long captions which presumably means there is more information contained in them as well.

As GM says it must pretty much be the definitive book on the subject.

What amazes me is the quality and amount of information becoming available on what would, not so long ago, have been considered at the very least mundane subjects. These locos could be seen almost anywhere trundling along and pretty much ignored by many.

Book Law are to be congratulated for bringing much of this information into print, I wonder what's next?

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