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Mainline Diesel Locomotives.

Baby Deltic

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Got this book from Amazon this morning. 'The Rise And Fall Of British Railways Main Line Diesel Locomotives' by John Vaughan is well worth a punt if you've got 20 quid burning a hole in your pocket. The book goes through them on a class by class basis, with colour and monochrome photo sections. Some nice photo's, some previously published, but it looks like a well presented book. The RRP is £30, but Amazon are doing it for around £20 plus P+P.






Pioneers And Prototypes


Diesel Pioneers In Service


Types 1 to 3: A Concise History


Classes 14 to 37 In Service


Classes 14 to 37 In Colour


Types 4 And 5: A Concise History


Classes 40 to 60 In Service


Classes 40 to 60 In Colour


ISBN:978 1 84425 690 7

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