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Grids The Class 56 Story


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New out from Visions International is GRIDS The Class 56 Story, written by Keith Bulmer, Chairman of the Class 56 Group.


This is the definitive guide to the UK's first Type 5 freight locomotive and covers their history from the OPEC inspired 1973 oil crisis right through to preservation and those class examples resurrected for use on latter day operations. Indeed so up to date is this tome it even covers the situation in October 2009.


Chapter headings are;


1. The reason why

2. The long road to revenue

3. We have a better idea

4.The writing on the wall

5. Sectorisation 1987-93

6. Slimming down

7. Pre-privatisation 1994-96

8. The early EWS years

9. The Canadians are coming

10. Under new management

11. Life after death



For ??16.95 you get 126 pages printed on good quality paper, a good standard of reproduction on the many illustrations depicting construction,operation and ultimate demise. Particularly outstanding are the many tables that list allocations at specific dates and a final appendix detailing every single class member with lot numbers, allocations, withdrawal dates and best of all listing of each livery carried by the locos. in addition an appendix lists all known passenger hauls including drags and railtours.


Quite simply, it is an outstanding read. I can't recommend it highly enough.




Richard S

WFRM Team Member

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