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Wirral Transport Museum

Andy Y

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The following post is for an off-forum entry from John Harrison of Birkenhead


Please find attached pictures of my 20" x 11" rail orientated model which I would like to enter into your competition.



It is a 4mm scale model of the place I work; Wirral Transport Museum, 1 'Taylor Street', Birkenhead!



The real Museum has two, 4 tram length, bays with buses stored at other end of museum. My model has two single tram length tracks, which continue to two 4 tram lengths via a photographic back-scene.



The whole model is built up of photo's of the real buildings, scaled, printed out and stuck onto cardboard box material. These are then cut out and the buildings constructed from them.



Fences and corrugated roof were bought second hand off a friend; I think they may be Wills products.



Track is one Hornby r/hand small rad point with 3 curves of Hornby Dublo 2-Rail track. This is built up to rail level with more cardboard and road surfaces made from fine Wet & Dry paper.



Yellow lines are self adhesive vinyl stripes from another friend who models boats.



Building papers are used inside the shed, to blend in with the back-scene, and parts of other roofs.



I have still got to build the Overhead Lines and other small items, such as lamp posts, signs etc, but these should be finished in the next few weeks, using more printed photo's.



The 'layout' is wired for 2-Rail, and works!



I hope that this will interest people.



Best wishes



John Harrison. Tramdriver/Museum Technician. WTMuseum.

3-6-2011 031.JPG

4-7-2011 001.JPG

4-7-2011 006.JPG

4-7-2011 009.JPG

4-7-2011 013.JPG

4-7-2011 014.JPG

4-7-2011 033.JPG

4-7-2011 038.JPG

4-7-2011 040.JPG

8-7-2011 004.JPG

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