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Magic black box

Andy Y

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The following post is for an off-forum entry from keith Harrison of Hyde:


Re: Challenge 2011 - Magic black box


20” x 11” doesn’t give you a lot of board for 7mm, so the first idea is to create more area.


I started with two mirrors at right angles in an empty box, instantly the area was 40” x 22”. The engine shed is a quarter of a building with equal spacing between windows and vents, taking into account the 4mm thickness of the mirror. Everything you place up to the mirror has to be a 45 degree angle, so when in place a complete building appears.

How do you see one wagon in a mirror? Simple, It’s the old trick of sawing a wagon in half (not an expensive one). The 08 was originally green so one side was painted blue with logo and number in reverse. The foliage on the front is so you don’t see the chevrons reflection in the window.

The figure I chose for the scene has his arms folded at the front with an extra arm round his back and then painted in different colours.

All the back scene is a reflection from behind the camera.


Thank you for the challenge it was very enjoyable.


With thanks to: David Hampson and Graham Coul

Trains-1 (1).jpg

Trains-2 (1).jpg

Trains-3 (1).jpg





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