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Euro 2012 liveries!


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Maybe you remember that for the European 2008 football Championship, 16 Taurus' got repainted into the colours of a participating country?



Well now it is happening again!


The liveries announced so far are


Poland: http://www.railcolor.net/index.php?nav=1000006&file=siem_21314_68&action=image


Ukraine: http://www.railcolor.net/index.php?nav=1000006&file=siem_21663_62&action=image

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Looks like I might need to go to Poland and avoid the football fixture times if they have a few more painted up. Poznan is good for these as they operate on the Warsaw-Berlin express service.


They are one of the most attractive modern locos running.

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What ever the livery there is something very appealing about a Taurus....


My thoughts exactly!


Shame that those PKP 5 370s do not travel further west than Berlin and do not work freight - I would certainly consider one if they did, assuming Roco might come forward with those liveries.

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