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Bachmann HTA

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Hi Has anyone taken a Bachmann HTA apart? If so was easy to do? as I am looking to fit a flashing tail light






Hi Wordie,


I have dismantled an HTA in order to fit a tail light





From what I remember you need to

  • remove the bogie
  • remove the screw which holds the coupling in and then
  • remove the two screws which removing the bogie has revealed
  • repeat this process at the other end of the wagon

the body and chassis should now part company with a little manipulation of a few clips down each side


Then the two ends of the hopper are big diecast steel blocks which are held in with 2 screws from the bottom, I only removed one block to fit the wires through.


Once the light is in reassembly is just the reverse of the disassembly.


Hope this helps





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Also did one of these as a working flasher it's in the weathering section blues street let's be weathering ya think there's a picture there

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