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Roco MultiMaus Pro and Rocomotion


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Does anyone use the above DCC system?


I've recently bought this system and about to buy the modules for Rocomotion. However, am I right in thinking that only Roco modules will work with Rocomotion?


For instance I've looked at buying the Roco 10787 feedback module together with the LDT 8 Fold Feedback module. For the points Roco has the 10775 point decoder (although I've read its a bit on the weak side I have DCC Concepts Masterswitch which will help throw the SEEP motors)


I was just wandering whilst on the LDT website if I can use the LDT feedback system with Rocomotion. I'm not particularly bothered if I have to use Roco products exclusively but wasn't sure if this is the case?

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The downside' of having the cut-down version of the RR+Co software - ie 'Rocomotion' - software bundled 'free' with the interface, is that it 'has to paid for' by using the Roco Feedback Modules - but the upside, is , or has been, that the upgrades to the software have been free.

(When I started buying them, thery were less than 30GBP, but are now >70 subject to the latest Euro exchange rates etc, and lack of dealers) They are on a separate feedback bus, like in fact the Lenz feedback bus is - but I have not compared them in detail: the Lenz feedback is passed to their Central Controller, whereas the Roco feedback is passed to their PC interface. Its protocol is 'similar' the Lenz's expressnet, becasue Roco use Expressnet between handsets (and therefore the Rocomotion Interface: an extra header is added to the from of the packet of information to identify whether it was from the Expressnet buss (0), the Rocomotion Prgm Track, or the Feedback modules. The Modules (max 20) are read frequently (about 1 in 3 'cycles') judging from the example in the protocol doucument.


IF you wish to use someone else's Feedback modules, on a separate feedback bus, then you will either need to write your own software (which is possible for the Original serial Rocomtion hardware, as the protocol has been published) OR you buy the 'PAID FOR' version of the software - ie RR+Co, and for s/w updates after that. THE FULL VERSION (higher levels of RR+Co) include much more extensive control features - including entry of distances (lengths of sections) and speed calculations etc etc - which appear as 'extra tabs' on each menu - you can doenload the manuals for free and compare them!


With the higher prices of the Feedback module nowadays, if you are happy with the RR+Co s/w - and its certainly easier to set up than JMRI and the like, I find - because you start with designing the graphical layout, and not a table of connections - then the balance point between the 2 costs is now more in favour of the RR+Co at an earlier stage.


The Pro-Centrale version with USB has not yet had its protocol released - and it includes a serial number which works with Rocomotion, or with the RR+Co versions. Whether it's protocol becomes published soon we'll have to see (when it does, Roc-rail are likely to add it to their list, I suspect) This is because Roco is releasing a NEW central controller (from/with Zimo) the Z21 - which includes wifi links to handets in portable phones (like everyone else seems to be doing)


As for ACCESSORY MOTORS: ANY dcc compatible decoder may be used, as these work from the DCC BUS :- which is standardised.

I use mostly Lenz LS150's as these do 6 outputs each, with ANY number - allowing easy mixing with continuous output decoders or integral digital point motors (Roco/Veissmann) - I do not use Peco stlye high current motors, so cannot comment on suitability with such high current designs.

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