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Open Returns/Break of Journey


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Evening all, quick question about the rules regarding break of journey.


Concise version: On an open return, can you make half the return journey one day, make an overnight stay, and the other half the next day?


Verbose version: For my birthday I and a few mates are going to do the Rail Ale Trail from Manchester to Huddersfield. One of my fellow drinkers will be coming from Malton, and so is planning on buying a Malton to Manchester open return, but stopping his return journey in Huddersfield in order to befoul my house with his drunken shenanigans and then return home the next morning. Can this be done one ticket or will he incur the wrath of the Conditions of Carriage?

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Here we go...


Anytime Return

Outward valid for five days, return for one month. Break of journey allowed on both portions.


Off-Peak/Super Off-Peak returns

Outward valid until 04:29 the following morning, return valid for one month and break of journey is permitted on both portions. If the outward journey cannot be completed in one day, an overnight break of journey is permitted on the outward half but the journey must be resumed by 12:00 the following day, subject to any restriction already in place for that ticket. Return journey may be broken, including resuming the following day (again, be aware of any restrictions when resuming).


Does that help?


Edit for shockingly bad typing.

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