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Mud Sweat and Tractors

Tim Hale

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May I recommend the DVD - Mud Sweat and Tractors - due to be released in August. It documents the change in British agricultural practices since the second world war.


Not interesting?


May I suggest that our countryside has undergone a fundamental change in its role as our primary food supplier and the railways run though the countryside. Not only have there been changes in the appearance of the countryside but a change in the way agricultural produce is nationally distributed has impacted on the railways and road traffic e.g. no more bulk milk, Channel Island tomatoes and potatoes by rail, neither does Cornish beef, brocolli or daffodills travel to London by rail.


Less subtle is the gentrification of the countryside - the exodus of the chattering classes from the cities into the countryside since the 70's has changed the appearance of buildings and subsequently communities into something unrecognisable fifty years ago.


Just adding this very interesting website:http://www.hedgelayer.freeserve.co.uk/hedlan.htm


Is anyone interested in the correct details for the countryside, if so I hope to create an article for the forum.





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