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West German Narrow Gauge.


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Evening All,


A friend of mine has recently opened a new Flickr site and recent additions include some narrow gauge lines in West Germany in 1965 and 1967. I was with him on both occasions, but my slides are still in the scanning queue.


Here's the link :




Hope that they are of interest - I'm sure that they will be.

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Interesting photos, I didn't get to the German NG until the 1990s when the East opened up.


MEG 46 is preserved in non working order on the Selfkantbahn at Shierwaldenrath near Aachen




I've got a couple of photos of it taken on a visit which I'll see if I can find.


They also have another ex MEG loco, this one in working order.




and a railcar





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Afternoon All,


John has added some more West German Narrow Gauge colour pictures from 1967 to his fast growing Flickr collection. They cover the Sylter Inselbahn, Heilbronn-Süd and a Narrow Gauge Scrapyard. There are also some black and white pictures of the line between Nagold and Altensteig.


They can all be found here :




I'm sure that they will be of interest.

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Many thanks splendid photos, I am interested in some more photos of the MEG 0-4-0 WT 46, looks very scratch builderable. I have tried websearching but no luck. Could anybody help in this one?

best wishes,



I know this is an old topic, but as promised a photo of MEG 46.


MEG46 in the the Selfkant museum in 2003.



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