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Warning when using ID Back Scenes

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Hi All


I've just had a most unpleasant experience with some ID Back Scenes, which I thought I'd share with you, so that you can avoid the disappointment I got


I wanted to attach an ID back scene to a painted wall, and despite the glue I purchased for the purpose being described as suitable for doing the job, it didn't work


Despite going on smoothly, huge bubbles and creases soon formed which did not disappear, even after leaving it for 24+ hours


Apparently the problem is, if the glue is water based, as it dries it can't be absorbed into the painted surface so the only place for it to go is into the paper back scene, thus causing the bubbles, permanantly disfiguring it


The solution is to use spirit based spray adhesive, sparingly. I did this and am very happy with the results


I hope this info is of use to you,



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