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Special BRM subscription offer at Peterborough show

Andy Y

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I've just picked up on the fact there's a really good subscription offer for BRM at the Peterborough show this weekend.


If you take out a subscription, payable by quarterly direct debit (£10.49 a quarter, saving £3+ over a year and including delivery), the first 95 subscribers will be able to pick up a pack of three Lifecolour weathering sets worth £42.45.


Hand on heart, I was genuinely impressed with the quality of these paints both through brush and airbrush application compared to years of Tamiya acrylics.








So, if you sign up on the day you should be able to take one of these sets away with you. I'll be around if you want to ask any questions about the usage of them.



There are also some reductions available on the stand for the following items:




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I took up this fantastic offer, and have just received my weathering sets.

Only problem is I got two of the same.. I expected Leaks and Stains, Rail Colours and Weathered Wood, but got two boxes of Rail Colours.

Who should I contact about this???

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Hi Ant,


I would assume the same but there are similarities in the boxes so it could be a mix-up, can you send me an email to info@rmweb.co.uk with your name, address and the subscriber number if you have it and I'll try to get that resolved for you.

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