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Swanwick Junction Model Railway Club - FIRE

Sam Moss

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Email from a MR-B director.



Dear all,


For those of you who have not been to the railway today, and have not otherwise become aware, I regret to advise that last night the Swanwick Junction Model Railway burned to the ground.


Needless to say, not only the modellers but quite a slice of the public are very upset about this, and our sympathies have been expressed.


Anyone attending in the near future, the fire damaged area is cordoned off until forensics and insurance have finished with it. Once we have the go ahead, there might be a call for assistance in the clear up, as it is important that this is done before firework night.


I was in attendance in the early hours of this morning with others from the railway and when we arrived the model railway building was already completely destroyed.


The shop next door also suffered some damage and a container in the compound to the left of the buildings was also completely burnt out. This contained scaffolding planks, insulation rolls and Pway equipment. The loss of the insulation and planks will certainly cause is long delays in progressing with building projects.



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