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Tender help

Andrew Peters

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:blush: I need some help

I may have accidentally gone and bought the Trumpeter BR52 kit :rofl: .

What I would like to do is build a different tender to go with it. I have seen that there was a larger box style tender with a cab as well as the tub style that seams to have been the more common.



Does anyone have any drawings or dimensions or know where I can look for them, I'm having a hard time finding any real information.


Regards and a Merry Christmas


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The two photos in the original post are BR50 locomotives, which were allocated numbers in the 052 series when DB introduced computer numbering in 1968 (originally 50 2xxxx series). 


They are not the same as the BR52 ("kriegslok"), the prototype for the Trumpeter kit.  The BR52 ran with a variety of tenders, of which the Wannen ("bathtub") was the most common.  In Austria some were rebuilt as cabin-tenders, but obviously quite different in appearance to those running behind the BR50s in West Germany as in the photo.

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