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Giants of British Steam - GWR 6024 King Edward I


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I have seen similar videos on DVD such as one on Western engines, Standard engines, Southern engines, 4472 Flying Scotsman, 35028 Clan Line and 34027 Taw Valley along with others with the same narrator.


But some of the clips on all these DVDs (including this 6024 one and Alan Peglers bit) I have seen before on a programme ITV used to show in the South (certainly in the South East where I am) called Southern Steam which used to be a a couple of series of 30 minute programmes that used to look at the things happening on lines such as the Bluebell, Mid Hants, Swanage, KESR, Spa Valley, Didcot, RHDR and some mainline scenes.


Amazon have a few old VHS tapes available although aren't very long (roughly 2 episodes by the looks of one listing) but sadly no DVD versions (that I can see) which is a shame as I used to love it. It ended about 10 years ago though unfortunately

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