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UIC EVN-VKM Generator - Loco Number Classification System

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Hi folks


I haven't posted much for quite some time but I thought I would let you know about a test program I've created that will generate the current European UIC/ERA tractive power loco/MU identifier and keeper marking.  Sorry for the techno-speak - no doubt you're wondering so what?


Basically, you can use it to generate the latest loco number - should you wish to bespoke any of your motive power.  Naturally, it is applicable to all gauges European.  The program will also show the algorithm used to generate the ID so you can compare it against any of your current locos.




The tool can be used for creating the full "international" vehicle registration, e.g. for an Austrian Cl 1044:-  91 81 1044 246-7 A-OBB or, more simply, generating the check-digit for any member country "national" number e.g. 143 001 would produce 143 001-6.  How you then use the number is up to you - create transfers, use number sheets, print off sticky labels, create in Fireworks, whatever.


I simply did it as a programming challenge in my spare time.  Mind you, I would be interested to know how folks would implement a new number on their model?


Test out the EVN-VKM Generator for yourself.  The programmer "can not accept liability" for incorrectly formed numbers! - but if you do find any issues then I'll be pleased to hear from you.


Update: 05.02.2018 - the java version has been replaced using aspx.

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