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Longmoor fitted vans


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Construction details of these vans were discussed here.




However, can anyone help with the history of these vans?


They were built in 1959 by Chas Roberts and, according to a list published by the RCTS in April 1966, were numbered 47075-84. A photograph of ARMY 47079 was published in the August 1971 issue of Railway Modeller, followed by a letter in the October issue. The letter stated that “after purchase it was found that there had been a design fault and they were restricted to 25 mph and therefore never used in main line service”.


Paul Bartlett’s website shows them in internal use in 1991, numbered MODA 6000-10. MODA 6009 still carries the original number AD 47082. They are described as “originally number 41500-09 and allocated diagram 6/495. Registered as 1201 – 1210”.


The diagram PV001A for MODA 6000-9 shows a maximum speed of 45 mph.


I assume they were originally ordered for Army freight between depots and they were used for this purpose in the 1970s. However, this raises some questions.


What was the design fault?

Were they repaired or modified in the 1970s to permit the higher maximum speed?

If so, why was this not done earlier, rather than being kept at Longmoor for ten years?


I would be grateful for any information on their history, including suggestions on where to look for further information.


Many thanks,



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Thanks for checking. I had received some information from your friend in the past. However, I believe he arrived at Longmoor after the vans were purchased.


The problem is that it is all a long time ago. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of when I did a course there.



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