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Steam In The Scottish Landscape


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Steam In The Scottish Landscape, Michael Welch, Capital Transport.


My mother-in-law was kind enough to get me a copy of this for my Christmas. That said I did give my better half a gentle steer that it was in WH Smiths and looked interesting.


??19.99 112 pages split into the usual geographic areas this book pretty much does what the cover suggests. Either 1 or 2 pictures per page, the book is roughly 220mm x 250mm high with generally good quality reproduction all in colour. It's all BR period steam.


Whilst a few of the shots are from the obligatory Colour-rail canon the remainder are from a variety of sources many of which I hadn't seen before.


Personal highlights were :-


1.Two shots of Loch Skerrow Halt on the Port Road, one by Roy Dennison, the other by Gerald Daniels. Loch Skerrow being the inspiration for Culreoch of course nice to see it in colour.


2. Lovely shot of Mallaig under the now sadly long gone platform canopy by The Late K. Bannister from the early 1960's. Full of period detail and with a B1 poking out from behind the screen wall.


3. and finally a beautiful series of 4 pictures by Roy Dennison and Gerald Daniels of ex. GWR pannier tanks working the Dornoch branch my favourite of which is the Gerald Daniels shot of No.6149 leaving Embo with a mixed train bound for Dornoch - windswept and wonderfully evocative. In a modelling sense made me mark this as 'one for the future' 0-6-0 ex GWR panniers, short mixed trains and small wayside stations in the landscape.......


All in all a great pressie from the mother-in-law and something which having had time to enjoy reading over the festive hols I would probably have shelled out for. I have only seen it in WH Smiths and it was also on their website.




Stewart Glendinning

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Guest Max Stafford

Another vote for what is an excellent book. Worth it for the Loch Skerrow shots alone, although there's also a splendid shot of a WD on a train of bolsters near Alloa and a few nice 'Three Hour' jobs too! :)


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Some cracking shots indeed, and many take repeated viewing to fully soak in:- what I presume to be a late-surviving teak/LNER brown gresley at the head of a WHL train, the BR posters in Mallaig station advertising the South of England, and the simply stunning shot over Oban being some examples


Pretty decent coverage over the country too, not all Highlands.

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