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Another new book on 'Southern' electrics


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A new book on an old favourite.


Here's a link to Ian Allan's website, with details and their review.




I only had chance for a quick thumb through the text heavy pages, and didn't have time to take it all in, but it appears that this book is the first volume of a pair / series.


Depletion of funds prevented me from purchasing said tome, but once these have recovered from the shock of Christmas and Bachmann's 4-CEPs, I'll get back to you.


With New Year's Cheers, Ceptic.

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Purchased a copy in Ian Allen Cardiff before Christmas. It deals in volume 1 with the LBSC overhead electrification and the LSWR third rail through to the 4 SUBs. Volume 2 will detail the main line schemes.


The author co wrote the 4 SUB history with Bryan Rayner over 20 years ago.


Well written and illustrated. Highly recommended.

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