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Now this is a livery I haven't come across before


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Your not going to lose that in the dark any time soon :O I think short-line owners see the funny side of life, cannot remember the road name but one guy painted a GP9 white with big black spots like a big cow :no:...or was that black with white spots?

Port of Tillamook Bay #101.

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Based on the prototype , the Intermountain model may as well be unpowered...


I visited Albuquerque last year and booked to go on the SFSR excursion train , so was less than impressed to find out that it was cancelled.


Santa Fe itself is a nice town , featuring 2 brewpubs , and on the weekend we visited , there was a Mexican fiesta which was most enjoyable.

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Here are some Santa Fe Southern shots from 1996, when it was active:








And the same 93 out of service at Lamy a few weeks ago:


Why don't more guys model combined short line-tourist operations?

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