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Win some, lose some.


Some time ago I bought a Collett goods from a well known site. Did not cost too much, so you pay your money and take the chance.




Well if you remember this is the way I got the Hall. Which for the price I was in a win, win situation.


This one arrived a little while ago and I only had a really good look at it today. I work on the principle if it costs no more than the wheels would then even a real lame duck is not a complete disaster.


Looking at this it is made from an old punched out kit, the tender has not been started, so I think that may well go in the to do drawer. The loco needs stripping before I decide on this, the fittings on the boiler are pretty dire.



It came with wheels in the chassis not sure how this would of worked, as the front to driving wheels are in sliding hornblocks, with poorly made solid coupling rods. But the biggest fault I can see is that the wheels are screwed onto their axles, two pairs are left hand lead and one pair is right hand lead. As yet I have not found a combination to get them all the same way around.



On the plus side there are a few bags of whitemetal fittings. Including two set, tender axelgaurds., more wash out plugs than you can shake a stick at.. Some brake shoes and a few othe bits and bobs.



There was also some cast wheel blanks two tenders worth and a bogie set, and a few ready turned drivers, these need checking to see if usable and for what. I will save these for me to have a go on when I get my lathe here.



In a way I am not too displeased, but as for having a loco to make good and pass on, I think it was not one of my better deals.


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