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A4 60024 Kingfisher


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Which Hornby loco drive model/s would be suitable to re-name/number to 60024 Kingfisher in BR late crest livery as it would have been circa 1966 when it did a rail tour on southern metals as I am not sure what type of tender it had or if it had a single or double chimney?


Many thanks



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The special (s?) was/were in March 1966. 60024 got its last tender swap in late summer 1966, when IIRC it received a non-corridor from 60034. Until then it was coupled to a corridor tender with flat (as opposed to bowed) back and with beading along the top of the sides. Google "60024 Waterloo" and you'll get many images among which this one which best shows the tender:




Re modelling the loco in this condition, unless you want to pay £140 or whatever Hornby A4s are up to now, seek out a second-hand or ebay one. You'll get one for £60-80 and then will only have to pay £10 for nameplates. The tender you need is the only A4 tender with beading so is easy to identify in ebay photos, etc.


EDIT: Re the above list, 9, 10 and 11 are suitable, but 27 not - it had a bow-backed corridor tender with no beading. But those are all recent/LE releases and as I said above, I wouldn't pay the daft prices of a current model.


And yes, double chimney.


EDIT: for anyone interested, a pic of 60024's replacement tender from 23rd August 1966:


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