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Arnold Rapido chassis question


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Hello, and Happy Holidays to all -


I found an Arnold switcher on eBay for a good price, and hoped to use it to power my Meridian Simplex.  Yes - it could do with a spot of cleaning.  It will be a tight fit, but think it will work.  When I got the body shell off, I found something that puzzles me.  It looks like wires from each pick-up etch are soldered together, which I should have thought would cause a short?  They join above the screw that holds the gearbox together.  These tabs also feed the motor contacts.  There are also contacts on the other end, near the spur gear, which aren't used.  I thought perhaps these are explained by Arnold using this chassis for multiple products/arrangements.


Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this chassis and understands this - thanks.




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