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Where to buy German stock/buildings in UK?

Malton Seadog

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At risk of offending users and proprietors of model railway businesses in England may I say that my best experience for German models of any make at the keenest prices has been the German mail-order company SMDV.de  which accepts payments by credit card and Paypal and is super fast in deliveries. SMDV has a 'one size fits all' postage rate which is not so good for one turnout or a packet of rail joiners but which is very acceptable for a multi-item order. SMDV's website can be in English, too!

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I would prefer to "pop in a shop" to see what I am getting. My wife would not be so keen - there are so many reasons to liberate stuff from the shelves!

However, shops well stocked with German models are thin on the ground, and prices can be rather high.

Of late, I have purchased from Modellbahnshop Lippe (http://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/index.asp?l=gb). Web site in English, and good prices.

I needed (OK, wanted) 2 class 218 diesels recently. Gaugemaster had only one in stock. So an order placed Friday late PM with each.

The order from Germany arrived Wednesday, the order from the UK arrived Thursday. Including postage I saved £25 on my German order (and the parcel included a little packet of sweets!).


Now what alse could I get away with purchasing?



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It would help if you stated what part of the country you are looking at ?


For South East / Kent area I would recommend The Hobby Shop at Faversham, good stocks of most continental items including Faller & Vollmer.


For Sussex, Morris Models in Lancing.


Further west but still South,  I'd recommend Gaugemaster, Ford; but they're more expensive as they're the importer of many ranges,


A look through the pages of Continental Modeller would cover other area's.  On the web look to a major manufacturer then suppliers. 



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Hereford Model Centre have a small* section of Continental HO, mostly new and second-hand German, with assorted new building kits (Faller) usually hidden down behind the stacks of Hornby trainsets.


*even smaller after my last visit between Xmas and New Year! :whistle:



I tried the Modellbahnshop Lippe link yesterday: very easy to use, English translation built-in. I found some DR stock I wanted (and quite a few more besides...), paid via Paypal and have just had the email notifying despatch of the parcel.

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Many thanks indeed, all.


I'm from northern England, but Yorkshire/Lancashire seems devoid of internationally-stocked model shops, unless I'm not looking hard enough.


Modellbahnshop Lippe does look like an excellent website, and good value too. I'll give it a go. Thanks again!

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