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Water Column in S Scale

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I have just received a delivery from i.Materialise including some water columns I designed, based on those in use on the Western Australian Government Railways.


Fortunately, a friend provided some detailed plans including a modification, carried out to many water columns in the mid 1950's, to add a cast collar to raise the height by 18" to suit larger locos of the time.


Having drawn the column with the extension collar, it was a simple matter to produce a copy without it to allow both versions to be printed.


They are printed in the Prime Gray material from i.Materialise.  Details such as bolt heads and flanges are nominally 0.5 mm in diameter/thickness to suit the revised print specs for Prime Gray which i.Materialise introduced mid 2013 (minimum detail size was previously 0.3 mm).  The overall height of the extended version is 79 mm.  Here is a photo of a real one.  The "hose" is a length of heatshrink tubing.



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