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How did this happen?

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Looking at the index page this evening I noticed that a post, purporting to be from me, was added to the new members section at 19:50.

I did not add this post - at that time.

(I think I added it last November.)


So I takes a look at the post and it is from last November but it is still displayed on the front index page as being posted today.

It is also shown in the my content page too.


What is going on?

(If, somehow, someone is adding posts for me can they please post some brilliant modelling and then we will all know it can't be me!)













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I have reported this bug or at least a similar one several times.


The Search results often show a mismatch between the user name and the post link (date) in the right-hand column.


It seems that the user name shown is that of the last poster, but the link is to the most recent post which contains the search term, not necessarily to the last post.



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