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Woodwork on a CNC router

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I feel that only your imagination is the limit for what a CNC router can be used for.

I needed some tongue and groove boards for a mineral wagon project, so I did an experiment to see if I could mill T&Gs into 0 scale 1"X6" stripwood.


Here is how I did it.

First, I made a pulling gate out of some scrap Corian and brass.




Why two slots? Well, the first was not thight enough, so I narrowed the second one a little bit. Still needed a piece of tape to get it right.


Then I milled the T&G´s by pulling the stripwood through the gate. I could mill the groove in one 0.5mm (0,02") deep pass using a 0,4mm (0,016")endmill. I was a bit conserened that the tiny endmill would break, but with the spindle going 32000RPM I could hardly feel any resistance when pulling the stripwood past the mill.




Here are the results:










I think I will go strictly wood and metal for this project, so the hardware for the box will probably be brass castings.


Here is an image of the prototype, by the way:




Regards, Hawk

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