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I felt I had free reign when I set up my workbench again to get out and start or re-start whatever I liked. The bench is temporary for the moment, because I want to rearrange the furniture to move my groaning bookcase next to a supported wall. I have been good though: most of the items on it were part finished when I packed them. The only 'new' items out are some 4 wheeled coaches and I'm convinced that it is much better to build these alongside some other short coaches that I started a long time ago.


You may have seen these etches before on the What's On Your Workbench thread in the 2mm section of the forum.




They cover pretty much every variation of the particular kit that has a body or body kit in the association shop. I built them for an article that the magazine editor now has in hand ready to assemble. (It's very picture heavy.) Hopefully it will be of use to someone.


This left me with 7 wagons to make. Some of the more modern variations were subsequently chopped about or cut down to suit my requirements for models. First up were a few more resin Minks. These really are lovely and whilst a little more expensive than a plastic kit they really are very lovely. I said that already, sorry.




From left to right: V5 (centre bonnet vent added, DC1 brakes); V14 (DC3 fitted); V16 (DC3 unfitted); V4 (DC1).


Some Opens of various types and styles.




From left to right: O5 (DC1 - uncommon with this brake and much more likely to have ordinary lever); O2 (DC2 fitted, clasp - also uncommon); O9 (DC2 fitted).  


The middle example is an LSWR 8 plank with the second top one removed. It will look a lot less untidy once it has a tarpaulin on, otherwise I'd be making more effort to cover my tracks. Some vacuum pipes to be added, along with replacing the ties between the W irons on the V14 and O9, although it is possible to find examples of fitted wagons without these they are the norm.  


Here are some cruel close ups because I was having fun getting better acquainted with a 4x lens and liking the results.




V14 again. Nice buffers. These weren't available when I put together a V16 previously. I should have made an effort on a self contained buffer ages ago but Julia helped us all out. Thank you.




V4. Is this roof okay? It's on the fret labelled 16' Mink roofs and the lines match up to the features but I cannot find a picture of a Mink with this type of roof in the many books I've trawled. Mex roofs are like this but I've not seen a single Mink and I'm concerned about creating an aberration.  




That awful plank gap again. Look at the chassis instead ;)


Having made a good bunch of coupling links for these I've finally taken many of the photographs I need to explain how the couplings are made. Unless I get distracted again that will be written up soon.


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